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Are You Balanced? – CC010

Have you ever found yourself absorbing the negativity of the world around you so much that you started wondering, “Isn’t there any good left, anywhere?”  Today I explore how we can keep balance in our lives so that we can enjoy an equal measure of joy and hope against such a backdrop.  There are some concrete things we can do to stay focused on the light of the Resurrection on our path to eternal life.  Join me for a discussion on how to live this life with an eye toward our life beyond.  This world is amazing, but something even greater is coming!

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God bless,

Janet Cassidy


Words of Comfort – CC009

Can you use a few words of comfort today, in this moment, for whatever situation is causing you frustration?  In this edition of Cassidy Comments I share with you my personal, fast-acting prescription for those times when I find I just cannot fix whatever I am dealing with at the moment.  I hope you will find it useful for you as well.

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Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

The Fiery Furnace

Sometimes our day to day struggles can get very challenging, causing us to wonder where God is.  I hope you will find today’s reflection on the three men in the fiery furnace from the Book of Daniel, encouraging.  It speaks of our need to be faithful and gives us hope that God is with us always.  If you are looking for something to restore your confidence in God, this is it!  Don’t forget to visit for more inspirational messages of faith!

My Little Banjo Guy

In this episode I share a few of my favorite quotes and talk about the humor of St. Theresa of Avila.  You will also hear a funny story about my Little Banjo Guy!  Be sure to visit me at and don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast and my blog!

Help for the Weary-006

Are you a caregiver who is carrying around a mixed bag of emotions, from guilt to anger or judgment?  Do you ever find yourself exhausted and worried?  Do you have a debate running in your head about if you are doing enough or wondering how much is enough? I hope this episode will help you be able to let go–even just a little–and find some peace of mind in your role.  I can only offer you a few pieces of advice that I have found helpful from my own perspective.

May God bless you in your efforts and sustain you in his peace.

The Missing Encounter-005

Are you looking for an encounter with the Lord?  Does it seem like everyone around you is having a spiritual experience while you are left high and dry?  In this episode of Cassidy Comments, I share with you my own experience from a retreat many years ago and how it impacted me then and still today.  Together, let’s consider what a healthy approach to a spiritual encounter looks like.

The Glowing Ember – 004, Holy Week

There was a little glowing ember the morning after the campfire that with a little bit of oxygen, turned into a roaring flame.  Is there an ember growing within you that God can stir into a flame?  What gifts do you have that God can elevate into service?  As we spend this week in gratitude for the gift Jesus has given us on the cross, let us turn to scripture to help us discover our role in lighting the world on fire!

Disappearing Flocks? Empty Stalls? What’s Going On? – 003

If you need help trying to understand the bible, today’s reflection on a passage from the Old Testament book of Habakkuk is just what the doctor ordered! You will be surprised to discover how relevant the bible can be for us today!

Mary at the Foot of the Cross – 002

Let’s stop for a moment at the foot of the cross and reflect on what it means to suffer and walk with someone who is suffering as we join Mary, the mother of Jesus and his beloved disciple.

Why Should I Get Baptized? CC-001 Sacraments

Today I explore the meaning of baptism and offer an explanation of what happens during the sacrament.  If you have ever wondered about being baptized, or having your children baptized, you won’t want to miss this episode.