The Big Question

I have a big question for you today, in my short podcast!
Listen in and tell me if you think you would stand on the right side of history!
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Grab What You Can Now? (Podcast)

Do you know anyone who holds the opinion that this life is all there is, so you should just grab all you can now?

In today’s podcast I reflect on Chapter 2 of the Book of Wisdom and explore whether this attitude is in line with scripture.

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Janet Cassidy
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Lenten sacrifices – feeling empty?

Today I share a short reflection on challenges to our Lenten sacrifices.  If yours are leaving you feeling empty, I think I can help.

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Have a blessed Lent!

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Are you singing today?

Today’s podcast might just have you singing!

Check it out!  It’s under 2 minutes!

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For Parents – Woman at the Well

Today I’m publishing a very short audio reflection about the importance of giving your testimony about your faith in Christ.  Especially for parents, this reflection is a good reminder of the importance of passing on the faith to your children, and what you can do to help them.

Using the Gospel of John, Chapter 4, The Samaritan Woman (at the well), we can learn about what made a difference to the townspeople she spoke to.

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Janet Cassidy
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27th Sun. Ord. Time, Divorce-Annulment, 10-3-21

October 3, 2021, 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Gospel of Mark, Chapter 10:2-16

As we look at the Gospel of Mark today, the Pharisees challenge Jesus about divorce.  In today’s two-minute reflection, I briefly address the issue of annulment (which is not a Catholic divorce), clarifying an annulment to be a finding that a marriage did not exist according to Church law (even though a civil marriage may have existed).

While pursuing an annulment in the Church may seem a bit daunting, I highly recommend discussing the topic with your priest if you find yourself in need of one.  It is a worthwhile process for many reasons.

God bless,
Janet Cassidy

Uplifting Prayer, Exhaustion (Podcast, 028)

Do you have days when you feel spent?

Do you ever feel like you do not have any motivation?

In today’s Cassidy Comments podcast, I’d like to offer a prayer for you that I wrote during the time leading up to my mom’s death.

You can find a link to this prayer under the “Uplifting Prayers” tab on my blog at along with some of the other prayers I wrote.  God really blessed me during those days, moving me from elation to exhaustion and everything in between!

Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy

Cassidy Comments, Ghandi (Podcast 027)

Returning to my audio version of Cassidy Comments, I hope you will enjoy today’s reflection on the Seven Social Sins Mohandus Ghandi wrote about in his weekly newspaper in 1925!

They are definitely something to think about!

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Do you think these social sins apply to us today?

Janet Cassidy

Lord, We are Perishing! (Podcast, 057, OGW)

Where is God in the midst of this pandemic?  Did he cause the Coronavirus to punish us?

Why doesn’t he stop this and save us?

These are good questions and today I talk about the one reason God is allowing us to go through this.  Be sure to check it out in today’s edition of Opening God’s Word!

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I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy