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Beyond the Walls, CC016

Join me for this thought-provoking reflection on what it means to work within a church environment versus how we serve God in ordinary ways in our daily life.  I talk about a musician I met who works with youth in a “pop-up” church, consider what Jesus had to say about acting from a rock solid foundation, and finally, I offer the words of St. Theresa of Avila as evidence that disciples are needed today to do the work of Christ.

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God bless,
Janet Cassidy

The Executive’s Decision, CC015

What if we started thinking like the executive of a Fortune 500 company who compared the effort he put into his secular job to the effort he put into his faith?

This executive decided he would be fired from his job if he approached it the same way he approached his responsibilities as a disciple.

This is good food for thought.  Pause with me a moment on this edition of Cassidy Comments and see if you are giving like the widow whose contribution Jesus praised, or if you would be fired from your job as a disciple!!

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God bless,

Janet Cassidy


Do I Belong? CC014

Have you ever run into a pushy person, on fire with the Lord, who insists that you have to take up their devotional practice?  You HAVE to do the Divine Mercy Prayer!  You HAVE to pray the rosary twice a day!  You HAVE to read scripture!

What they don’t realize is that instead of attracting you to the Lord, or showing you a meaningful way to pray, they make you want to run for the hills!

Join me today for a balanced perspective and see if you can answer my question about a young adult’s reason for feeling like she didn’t belong.  In this episode of Cassidy Comments I will give you a gentle way to respond to that person who just doesn’t know how to “let it go.”

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