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Disappointed? Feeling Abandoned? Check out Paul’s Advice. (OGW, 8, 2 Tim 4)

Do you feel like the walls are tumbling down around you?  Friends have disappointed you, or even left you feeling abandoned?

In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word we get a word of encouragement from Paul, who knows a great deal about this very situation.  He finds himself deserted and alone.

What is his attitude in the midst of all of this?  How can he help us today, so many centuries later, that encourages us in our present difficulties?

In his wisdom, in the midst of everything, he acknowledges where he finds strength to carry on.  Maybe his words will help you today as well.

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I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word.

Janet Cassidy


Where is Evidence of God? (OGW – 6, Letter to Romans)

Have you ever wondered where we can find evidence of God?  My reflection today on the Letter to Romans has the answer!

Paul is writing to the Christians in Rome and he makes the logical argument that the world around us gives evidence of God, because “God made it evident to them!”

I am so excited to talk about this passage and I hope you will be inspired to really think about this.  Maybe someone you know that is struggling with the existence of God will find it helpful as well.  Be sure to share it with a friend!

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Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy
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You Want Me to Love Who? (OGW – 5)

Today we get to listen in to a conversation between Jesus and a scholar.  The scholar is steeped in Mosaic law, but he asks Jesus what he must do to have eternal life.

Jesus turns the question back to him.  Tune in to find out how their discussion ends and what it means for us today.

Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy

What Must You Do? (OGW -4)

In today’s reflection we are encouraged by Paul in his Second Letter to Timothy to “stir into flame” the gift that God has given us.

Before we can do that, there is one very important, foundational thing we must do.  Are you prepared?  Do you know what you must do first?

Maybe you don’t feel you know enough to talk about God with others.  Maybe you are afraid you will end up in a debate or an argument.

If so, you will want to know what must take place first so that you will be ready.

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Have a blessed day in God’s Word.

Janet Cassidy

What Will Your List Look Like? (Podcast, OGW-3)

Oh my!  Today’s big list of sins given in the Book of Baruch cause us to reflect on the ways that we too may “not heed the voice of the Lord,” or follow our own hearts and do evil in the sight of God.

Let’s see what our list looks like and how we can begin to improve it so that when the time comes, we are not only aware of our sins, but can happily say we tried to turn away from them as best we could.

Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy


Living in a Foreign Land (Podcast) (OGW-2)

Do you ever feel like you are living in a foreign land, like the people mourning and weeping along the river in Babylon?

Do you ever feel like they did, when others ask you for a new song, but you feel as though you have hung up your harp?

As we explore Psalms 137 and 138, we move from mourning and weeping to a grateful heart, where we find that we can sing again!  We discover that the Lord does not forsake us and that his love endures forever!

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Have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy

How do you respond to rejection? (Luke 9:51-56)

In today’s passage we find Jesus “resolutely determined” to journey to Jerusalem, but what happens when he and his disciples encounter a Samaritan village?

What are the two things his disciples want to do in response?

Jesus teaches them, as he does us today, how we are to respond when we are rejected.

Janet Cassidy