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PODCAST – Let’s Talk Dirt!, CC021

Dirt, grass and wheat?

Yes, that’s the topic of today’s episode of Cassidy Comments!  I hope you will join me as I pull together our deck-building project and the Gospel of John!

What are the special ingredients it takes for us to grow and mature?
Are we supposed to hate our life?
How in the world did our deck get built 7 ½ inches off square?
Tune in to find out the answers to all of these questions!
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Have a blessed day in God’s Word!
Janet Cassidy

Sadness is Not a Christian Attitude? Say What? – CC020

In today’s episode of Cassidy Comments I offer my response to the idea that “sadness is not a Christian attitude” as mentioned in an article from the website Vatican News quoting Pope Francis.

What is the Pope saying?  Is he implying that Christians cannot/should not be sad?  Is that even possible?

I dig a little deeper and check out some scriptural references and uncover the relationship between sadness, joy and what Jesus and the Pope have to say about it.

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Have a blessed day in God’s Word!