Are You Groaning in Labor? (OGW – 014)

Does the suffering you are enduring right now seem to be more than you can handle?

Have hope!

In Paul’s Letter to the Romans, Chapter 8:18, he reminds us that our sufferings today are nothing compared to the glory that we will share as children of God.

Does that mean our suffering is nothing?  That we have to pretend that we are not in pain?

No, it means that in comparison to the glory that is coming, it is nothing.  Paul speaks of the hope we have in what we cannot see—in the glory that awaits us.

Key to this passage is this: We must “wait with endurance.”

How long?  We don’t know.  But with God, we can be assured in hope that by his grace, we can endure anything.

I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word.

Janet Cassidy

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