The Script You Need (OGW – 017)

Need a prescription for life?

Are you thinking if someone would just write down what you need to do, that would make things a lot easier?

Give me the list and let me follow it instead of trying to figure things out for myself?

Well, we have one!  You will find it today in this episode of Opening God’s Word!

But beware, just because we have the list, it doesn’t mean it is going to be easy!  A trusted guide can lead the way, as we have found in the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 5, The Beatitudes), but it is going to take some work.

After you have listened to this podcast and dipped your toe into the Beatitudes, I invite you to go deeper.  When were they written?  Who was the intended audience?  What did they mean by “poor in spirit?”

Don’t stop there, but let God speak to your heart and transform you in these words.

I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy


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