Every Tear will be Wiped Away! (OGW, 035, Is, Mt)

Every Tear will be Wiped Away!

Are you ready?  I sure hope so!

Here we are in the first week of Advent, reading Isaiah and Matthew.  Isaiah reminds us that God will always take care of us and wipe away every tear! We sure want that, don’t we?

The Gospel of Matthew, through the miracle of the loaves and fish, prefigures the holy sacrifice of the Mass that we enjoy today.

And together, both readings point us to the heavenly banquet that we will hopefully, one day enjoy.  I say “hopefully” because it is not a guarantee (remember the narrow road!) that each of us will make it.

But Jesus came to save all of us, so I ask you again, “Are you ready for the coming of Christ?”

Don’t be distracted!  Now is the time to really center yourself on the Messiah, the one who saves us!  Let yourself be transformed, right now, today!

I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word.

Janet Cassidy


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