Do Not Love the World (OGW, 048)

Oh my!  Is today’s reading from the First Letter of John really telling me I cannot love the world?

Am I not allowed to love beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches?

And what about my family? My family is in the world.  Am I not supposed to love them either?

In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word I clarify this passage by putting it into perspective as I consider the “enticements” this letter warns against and the importance of doing God’s will.

After you have listened to this episode, I would like you to do two things.  If you have not already done so, please subscribe.  Secondly, please pray about who in your life might be struggling with worldliness and encourage them to listen to this episode, or better yet, discuss today’s passage with them!

I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word!

Janet Cassidy